Paints for Glass and Crystal

Professional paints for the glassware and crystal ware industry

Paint clear glass, cost effective, in any color that you want!

Interested in glassware decoration techniques?

wine glass with picture and colored stem


Have any picture, image or artwork printed on glassware of any shape!

Want to use/buy this technology to make amazingly quick, amazingly beautiful glassware?

OrmoSol Glass Paint

With the glass paint Ormosol you can color clear glass in any possible color. OrmoSol comes in transparent, frosted, metallic and opaque colors.

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Among the range of products, for which OrmoSol can be used, are:

Tumblers with hand painted bottom (OrmoSol)
- Glass Tableware
- Vases
- Lighting glass
- Perfume and cosmetics containers
- Glass building blocks
- Appliance glass
- Glass gift ware
- Glass furniture and glass sinks

Ormosol is the best glass paint for the glass and glassware industry!    Read all about OrmoSol.

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OrmoGlass Crystal Paint
Colored crystal lamp pendants (OrmoGlass)
colored lamp pendants (OrmoGlass)
OrmoGlass, a paint or ink especially for crystalmakes a slightly thinner coating then OrmoSol, is highly transparent and has a high gloss.  OrmoGlass doesn’t affect the sparkle of cut crystal articles and can for instance be used to paint:
      • crystal giftware
      • crystal chandelier pendants
      • crystal tableware
      • crystal barware
      • crystal jewellery pendants
is the ideal glass paint for the crystal industry!    Read all about OrmoGlass.

No need for high investments to use these glass paints in your company:
  • Short time, low temperature curing (so low costs!) in conventional decorating Lehrs or convection ovens. 
  • These professional glass paints can be used for production by manual decoration (either by manual spraying or hand painting) as well as in high-speed decorating lines
  • A glass coating system based on only a couple of base paints and a few color solutions, which makes ordering easy and your stock kept at a minimum. So, aendless range of colors is always at hand, just by mixing the base paints with the color solutions.

We assist companies to start up with these professional glass paints. We have all the knowledge to apply these glass paints with several decoration techniques, like spraying, hand painting, banding, etc.
Contact Us if you want to know more about using OrmoSol and OrmoGlass in your company

Glass Decoration Techniques

On this website, at World of Glassware Decoration, you'll also find extensive information about the different decoration techniques that are used for glassware and crystal wareThe techniques described in the 'World of Glassware Decoration' are those, which the glassware industry and crystal ware industry use, to make their nice colorful glass and crystal products. 

Champaign flute with hand painted "Party" decoration (OrmoSol)
Hand decorated champagne flute

Decorating glassware makes glassware more beautiful. 

Use OrmoSol and OrmoGlass, the best glass paints for the glassware and crystal industry!