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Consultant for Glass Decoration Technologies

Raj Persad, Consultant
Over the last fifteen years I have been introducing new glass decoration technologies to many glassware manufacturers around the world, from Canada to Mexico, from Holland to Russia and from Egypt to the far east of Asia. 

Most customers are glassware factories and crystal ware factories. 
Projects range from setting up a decorating department for painting in a glassware factory to speeding up the silverizing process for crystal chatons, helping to start up with gold painting or introduce acid etching and of course selling glass paint.

Most projects have (had) to do with the special paints OrmoSol and OrmoGlass. In good cooperation with the manufacturer, Ormo Print GmbH, these paints were successfully introduced to primary glass manufacturers as well as secondary glass processors. 
These paints give a very satisfying and special result, but some knowledge about the paints is required to reach the best results. 

To help glassware companies starting up with these special glass paints, I first discuss with the client what they exactly want and need. Once that is clear the customer knows what to order and will receive extensive information how to apply the paints.

The application of the glass paint can also be personally introduced at the customers company.
Such an introduction usually takes a few days and during the introduction, all the necessary knowledge,about OrmoSol and OrmoGlass, is transferred. 

At work at a client

This may look like time consuming and expensive, but the opposite is the case.
After the glass paint introduction (few days) the company can immediately start with producing colored glassware, with a well informed staff. 
The costs for an introduction are only the costs for the paint and the travel expenses.
It gives me (and Ormo Print) also the opportunity to understand in which particular situation the paint is used so we can give you the best technical support.

I truly believe in this approach and I use the same approach for all the projects for introducing new glass decoration technologies. My customers will surely understate that this is a successful and beneficial!

Wine glasses with colored stem (OrmoSol)
Wine glasses with colored stem

My main expertise on glassware decoration comprises:

      • Coatings for glass and crystal, like OrmoSol and OrmoGlass
      • Precious metal coatings for glass (gold and platinum)
      • Lustre coatings for glass
      • Acid etching of glass
      • Subsurface laser engraving of glass
      • Silver coatings on glass

If you have a problem with one of these decoration techniques or if you want to start with one of these decoration techniques, then please contact me and we can take it from there.
You can send me an email (raj.persad@princessglassworld.com) or fill out the Contact Form.

You can read interesting information about these glass decoration techniques at World of Glassware Decoration.

Ormo Print GmbH is a German company and I am a Dutch chemist. 
With our long experience in the world of glass we think that we can make the difference for our customers.
We know what we talk about!

We also accept cutting edge projects which may move your business to the frontiers of the market.
These projects need not necessarily have to do with glassware or crystal ware. Coating of metal surfaces, ceramics, glass fibres and new composite materials are also within our expertise.

For any questions or information you can fill out the contact form and I will come back to you shortly:

Sometimes colorful designs are beautiful and sometimes the simple designs.