Crystal doesn't loose the sparkle by painting with OrmoGlass!

You want to give color to your crystal products?

==>   Buy  a professional crystal paint: OrmoGlass

Your clear crystal items look like they were produced from tank colored crystal. 

The flexibility that this innovative crystal paint brings to your marketing is tremendous. 
Any color is possible and any design is possible, either for large volume orders or for small orders. 
Ideal for crystal ware manufacturers as well as glass painting businesses.


Spray painted perfume bottle

OrmoGlass can be used for many crystal products like:

                      • crystal tableware
                      • crystal perfume bottles or cosmetics containers
                      • crystal chandelier pendants
                      • crystal trophies 
                      • crystal giftware
                      • optical glass items
                      • crystal jewellery pendants

The low firing temperature and the efficient usage of OrmoGlassthe absence of toxic chemicals and the good resistance to solvents, the good dish washing resistance and the good mechanical strength make OrmoGlass the ideal choice for your crystal items.

Swarovski crystal stones, colored by
immersion painting (OrmoGlass)

The OrmoGlass paint system consists of two base paints:

  • transparent clear 
  • opaque white 

These base paints contain all the components to make the highly transparent coatings or high gloss opaque coatings. 
Base paints can be applied immediately without further preparation.
The base paints can be mixed with each other in any ratio. This is useful when you want opaque colors which are slightly transparent.

  Transparent Opaque Frosted    Metallic 
 OrmoGlassYES YES   NO NO 


To make colored paints, the base paints are mixed with concentrated color solutions (CCS).
The CCS can be mixed with each other in any ratio to make any possible color that you can think of.
Mixing more or less CCS with the transparent base, gives darker resp. lighter transparent colors. The same for the opaque colors.
For OrmoGlass there are seven standard CCS:   

                    • Blue
                    • Yellow
                    • Violet
                    • Xmas Red
                    • Magenta
                    • Black
                    • Orange

With these seven standard CCS it is possible to make an almost infinite range of colors.

The application of OrmoGlass is easy. Spraying, brush painting are both possible. Immersion is another glass decoration technique, which is the most used technique to color lamp pendants, jewellery pendants and crystal trophies.
For more information on the application of OrmoSol on crystal see: Painting Crystal.

For curing and application parameters, Click Here 

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Lamp with opaque black crystal pendants (OrmoGlass)