Buy the best glass paint for professional glassware: OrmoSol !!!

Color banded rock glasses (OrmoSol)
Color banded rock glasses (OrmoSol)


OrmoSol is an innovative product from Ormo Print which is meant for the glassware industry.
A professional glass paint to make colored glassware.

OrmoSol makes it possible to make stunning designs on any type of glassware, from tableware to vases and from glass giftware to glass lamp shades. OrmoSol is also an ideal glass paint for cosmetics and perfume containers, for glass furniture and mirror decoration, decorative glass granules and appliance glass. 

Hand painted champagne flute (OrmoSol)
Hand painted champagne flute

Therefor OrmoSol is the answer for the glass industry, to all the questions from the ever more demanding world markets. Either for primary glass manufacturers as secondary glass processors. 

Colored glass or special designs 

Clear frosted vase
 (sprayed with OrmoSol)
Frosting, spray painted vase

With the help of this flexible and innovative glass paint you can say “YES” to your customer, whatever color or design. 

Easily commit to large orders and short delivery times. Your dedicated decorators can do the job with OrmoSol
You don’t have to say “NO” to smaller orders of colored glass as well, because your decorating department can finish these jobs in no-time. 

Cost effectiveness

Low temperature firing of Ormosol and a high coverage area per liter, make it possible to quote competative prices to your customers. 

Painting of a wine glass or tumbler can cost as low as 0.01 usd on material costs. Since the application of this paint for glass is easy, the labor costs per item are also low.

General Properties

The most important properties of OrmoSol are:
        •    Good resistance to dish washing
        •    The absence of toxic components (food safe!!!)
        •    Very good mechanical strength (scratching)
        •    Resistant to most organic solvents like alcohol, acetone, thinner
But above all, it are the ‘tank colored looks’ of the coating and the way OrmoSol ‘feels and sounds’which will make your customers decide to order your colored glassware.

Metallic 'gold' bathroom sink (OrmoSol)
Metallic gold bathroom sink

The OrmoSol Glass Paints          

  Transparent Opaque Frosted Metallic
 OrmoSol Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

           The OrmoSol paint system works with four base paints

                    - transparent clear 

                    - opaque white 

                    - frosted clear 

                    - metallic silver 

These base paints contain all the components to make this special glass coating with the great properties. 
Base paints can be applied immediately on glass without further preparation. 
The base paints can be mixed with each other in any ratio. 

To obtain colored paints, the base paints are mixed with Concentrated Color Solutions (CCS). 
The CCS can be mixed with each other in any ratio.
For Ormosol there are eight standard CCS:           
                    • Blue
                    • Yellow
                    • Green
                    • Violet
                    • Xmas Red
                    • Magenta
                    • Orange
                    • Black

This very flexible paint system makes it possible to create an endless range of colors and special effects. 
In a wink of an eye you can make a pink frosting paint or a metallic 'gold' paint, a transparent cobalt blue or a black opaque paint.

Whether you have a glassware factory or you have a glass painting business, OrmoSol is the Best Choice!
As a professional glass colors supplier we will support you all the way.

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