Frosted Glass Paint, the easiest way to make frosted glassware!

OrmoSol | Frosted Glass Paint

OrmoSol frosted glass paint or frosting glass paint is a special paint for glass to give glass a frosted or etched look. 
Glass products like windows and bathroom doors are made translucent to keep the light coming in while it is impossible to see through. 
Frosted glass paint is also used for making decorations on glass and glassware.

Spray painted wine glasses 
with frosted bowl
(OrmoSol frosted glass paint)
Spray painted wine glass with frosted bowl (Ormosol Frosted)
The smooth surface of glass makes it impossible for normal paints to stick. Ormosol glass paints have a good adhesion to glass and therefore can be cleaned, without any problems, with glass cleaners and even solvents and, important to the glassware industry, glassware painted with OrmoSol frosted glass paint can be dish washed.

OrmoSol frosted glass paint doesn’t contain any toxic chemicalsor heavy metals and glassware painted with OrmoSol is foodsafe.

OrmoSol frosted paint can be applied by hand or by spraying.
Flat glass items are best sprayed and decorations on flat glass or glassware can be both sprayed or hand painted. 

For making logo's or graphics on glass with OrmoSol frosted glass paint, masking foils can be used. The same masking foils which are used for acid etching. 
For glassware factories there is the possibility to use OrmoSol frosted glass paint in fully automatic spraying lines. 

Ormosol frosted glass paint is a very easy way to make an etched look on glass.
No expensive machines are needed, like for etching by sandblasting or laser engraving, and there is no possible harm for the health of the workers, as what is the case with acid etching.  
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Spray painted perfume bottle
(Ormosol frosted glass paint)

How to clean painted frosted glass

For making frosted glassware, which is dish wash safe and food safe,  and for making translucent glass which can be cleaned with any type of glass cleaner or organic solvents, the coating can be cured for 30 minutes at about 175°C (347 F). This curing makes a chemical bond between the the frosted coating and the glass and this makes the frosted look, last for a long time.

The property that the frosted coating can be cleaned with glass cleaners and organic solvents like alcohol and acetone is very useful.
Etched glassware, either by laser etching, sandblasting or acid etching is difficult to clean. When touched with greasy fingers, the finger marks are very difficult to be removed from etched glassware. For sandblasted glass one could say that greasy finger marks are impossible to be removed, since it is the roughest form of etching. 

Greasy fingers are no problem for glassware painted with OrmoSol frosted glass paint. Just wipe it with a cloth and glass cleaner or alcohol, and the marks are gone. 

Wine glasses with hand painted
frosted stem (OrmoSol frosted glass paint)

Colored frosted glassware in ONE step

The clear OrmoSol frosted glass paint gives a look which is exactly the same as acid etching: the satin look. 

The level of the frosted look can be adjusted by mixing the frosted base paint with the transparent base paint, which can be mixed with each other in any ratio. This is for instance useful for lamp shade factories to make the frosting more translucent in order to let more light pass the coating!

Colored frosted looks are also possible! 
For OrmoSol paints there are eight standard concentrated color solutions (CCS): 
Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, Violet, Orange, Xmas Red and Magenta.
Spray painted perfume bottles in frosted colors 
(OrmoSol frosted glass paint)

The CCS can be mixed with the Ormosol frosted base paint to make colored frosted paint. The result is an etched like effect in color.
With the eight CCS it is possible to make an infinite range of colors, just by mixing the CCS with each other. Frosted pink, frosted cobalt blue, frosted amber or whatever frosted color on glass in a wink of an eye.

Adding more, or less, of the CCS to the frosted base paint makes the colors darker resp. lighter. 

So with OrmoSol Frosted Glass Paint, it is easy to make frosted glassware or flat glass in any color in ONE step. 

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